High Level Photography

High level photography from aerial heights has so many uses…

Using state of the art equipment, our aerial photography and video provide sharp and clear high level photography images.

With a plethora of uses from advertising to events, we come to you to take stunning aerial photographs and video of the buildings or surroundings of your choosing. No matter what the weather, your aerial shots always look fantastic and stand out against traditional ground-based photography.

As clear and high resolution images are important to you, whether you’re selling a house or requiring promotional materials, we can ensure that not only do our images provide a unique perspective, our high level photography also ensures the images are guaranteed to be of an incredible quality and produce a set of stunning photographs.

We can highlight and focus on any specific features and angles for you, as well as shooting from different heights and videoing over a wide perimeter for a true birds-eye-view.

Are you looking for images of your home for selling purposes or to provide a fantastic framed image for inside your home? Our aerial high level photography and video will create a beautiful focal point with an unusually unique view.

We’re also able to take high level photographs and video of your company for advertising materials, or if you have a corporate event – images from corporate events not only make for great mementos of the day, but also great for blogs, websites or even Christmas cards.

Not just corporate events, we’re also able to capture high level photography for public or private like school fetes or weddings, providing wonderful and unique images to remember your day by.

Aerial photography and videoing is also ideal for fitting large groups of people into one image and fantastic for capturing the full atmosphere of an event. Our discreet drone will not interrupt your day and fly discreetly overhead.

Our high level photography and videoing is perfect for any occasion and requirement.