Event Photography

Event photography and corporate event aerial photography

Aerial photography and videos are the perfect way to remember that special day, whether a wedding, birthday or even a school fete, our event photography will add an extra special, unique touch.

Aerial photography and videos are perfect for big groups of people at personal, sports events and even corporate events, showcasing fairs or even a football match, and can be used in so many different ways; framed pictures, advertising materials, canvases and so much more.

Aerial photography is also great for working at different angles to create many different looks and images in one set of shots taken. It is also an extremely effective style of photography to work with busy backgrounds like wedding confetti and birthday balloon releasing.

Event photography also allows you to enjoy your day and not worry about poor image quality, fitting everyone in, or missing out on those special moments yourself. We can capture and video as much as you wish and organise any group shots, whilst our drone flies discreetly overhead.

Not just for private or public functions, we can also shoot corporate event photography on location at your company’s corporate events, whether it’s a staff outing or a client based function, we can shoot at any specific points or angles for your requirements.

As well as making a great memento of your event, aerial photography and video can also provide a great base for promotional or follow up materials for corporate or public events.

Aerial photography and videos are a unique and exciting way to capture the atmosphere and everyone at your entire event all in one image and video, without causing any disruption or disturbance to your event.

Based in Leicestershire, we can provide you with stunning high quality aerial photography and video of your event, ensuring that you have the most spectacular images and footage to remember your event by.